What is The Best Camera for Taking Great Photos?

the lakeThe one that’s with you all the time, of course!

Throughout my lifetime I’ve owned many different cameras. From the disposable Kodak cardboard box camera, the Polaroid and the Pentax SLR with changeable lenses, to the digital point and shoot, the Sony Super8 video camera, and the Nikon Digital SLR… I’ve pretty much experimented with all types. I’ve tried spending more money on film, on the camera and even on the paper that I’d print them on in order to capture the moments better. Interestingly enough, the best pictures I’ve taken have been the ones that I’ve taken with my iPhone.

My iPhone is a great quality, high resolution video and still camera that is with me ALL the time. The photos may not always be framable works of art, but they capture the moments of my life in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Here two great blog posts with tips, tricks and apps to help make better use of your iPhone camera:




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